Justin's first gym battle in the Unova region was against the Striaton City Gym Leader, Cilan. It was a one on one battle and despite knowing Cilan had a Pansage and he had his Quilava with him, Justin chose to have his new Oshawott battle, despite the type disadvantage.

Pokemon Used In This BattleEdit

Major EventsEdit

  • Oliver learns how to block attacks using his scalchop.
  • Justin defeats Cilan and wins the Trio Badge.

Battle SummaryEdit

Justin's Oshawott, Oliver was the first to attack, though Pansage was easily able to dodge his barrage of Water Guns. Oliver soon surprised Cilan as he was able to effectivley block a Bullet Seed attack using his scalchop, even after Pansage used Dig. Oliver managed to deal damage to Pansage by using Water Gun into a hold Pansage dug to blast him out of it, though he wasn't able to make any follow up damage as Pansage was easily able to dodge his Tackle attack, then following up with a Bite attack to the tail. Despite how much pain Pansage caused to his tail, Oliver was able to damage Pansage by slamming into the rocks on the battlefield. Justin ordered Oliver to follow up with a Razor Shell, however it was intercepted by Pansage's Vine Whip and the two Pokemon had begun slashing and blocking eachother. By this point Oliver was startign to get worn out and though he was able to block Pansage's attack with Razor Shell and strike him with Water Gun, he was hit by Vine Whip, and soon a follow up Bullet Seed. Thinking that Oliver was close to being finished, Cilan ordered Pansage to use Solar Beam, which Oliver tried to stop by using Razor Shell, though Pansage was able to repeatdly dodge the slashes. Cilan then took the time to "taste" Oliver, admitting his battle style was surprising and he had decent battling skills, though he had to work on a few things such as aiming and contninue to develope. This gave Oliver the time to catch his breath unfortunatley for Cilan and he was able to dodge Pansage's Solar Beam, dodge and block his Bullet Seed attack and finish Pansage with a Razor Shell.

Justin had won his gym battle and Cilan soon presented him with the Trio Badge. Oliver also managed to gain a little more confidence and become more at ease with battling after winning and the compliments he recieved from Justin and Ty.