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Caught At

Nuvema Town

Current Location

With Justin

Oliver is an Oshawott who was adopted by Justin during his journey in Unova, also happening to be his first Unova Pokemon.Oliver was originally owned by a very young trainer, though his father forced him to relase Oliver.


Before being adopted by Justin, Oliver belonged to a young trainer named Cody who lived in Nuvema Town. The two became good friends, though Cody's father was against the idea of his son having a Pokemon at only 8 years old, though a part of it is the fact that he hates Oshawotts. Before the family moved to the Hoenn Region, the father separated the two friends, leaving Oliver out in the forest while they left for Hoenn.

Sadly the young Oshawott had no knowledge of how to propperly defend himself, though he did know how to use a couple moves including his spiecies signature move: Razor Shell. The next few days have been rather rough for him as he was constantly picked on by local Pokemon and even attacked. One group of Pidove actually mauled him, though they were chased off by Justin. He was taken to the Pokemon Center where he was recognized by Nurse Joy. After he was healed he decided to join Justin.

Oliver's journey has only just begun, though Justin had confirmed that he will be used in the Striaton City Gym.


Though at first he seems shy and nervous, he's a very kind and sweet young Oshawott who is always eager to please and earn the friendship of others. He is shown to be a bit nervous about meeting others at first, though with a little encouragment he will gladly fight or introduce himself, though he is paticularly nervous around Lucy's Panpour who he almost instantly gained a crush on. Sadly for him he isn't the best with females and often embarrasses himself.

He has a tendancy to get picked on by other Pokemon no matter where he is, mostly due to the fact that he is an Oshawott. Despite this he tries to remain calm and collected, even willing to still seek the friendship and acceptance of those that do pick on him. If pushed to his limits, he often will become aggressive much to the contrast of his sweet and innocent nature.

Oliver has yet to battle, though he has been shown to be quite nervous about doing it. It is known that he isn't very good at defending himself, something Justin has to help him work on.

Moves UsedEdit

Oliver doesn't know many moves as he is only starting out. Oliver knows the following moves

  • Tackle
  • Water Gun
  • Razor Shell


  • Oliver seems to idolize Ty the Quilava
  • Much like Ty, Oliver perfers to stay outside of his pokeball.